detalle silla 5.png

Silla 5

Design for heritage, Wixárika (Huichol)


For the Wixaritari or Huicholes, an indigenous group in México, the harmony with nature defines their beliefs and lifestyle. The tree, symbol of balance and union, reflects the importance of this brotherhood between the Huicholes and Mother Earth.

The evolution of spiritual thinking, divided in four levels and a sole center, results in number five, the sacred number.

The bead inlay tells the story of the human development that tries to reach the maximum level of spirituality,

from the ground to the sky without overshadowing everything around it.


Collaboration: Francisco Cabrera, Mateo Minjares (Wixarika craftsman)

Tree trunk, beads, beeswax

Exhibitions: DesignFEST 2010 Guadalajara, Mexico


Photo by Jacobo Muñoz


Photo by Mural Newspaper